We’re Green

Everyone talks about working green, but few actually do. Why?

Because for most companies, working green is something they have to cobble together around their existing infrastructure—so it’s inorganic and consequently cumbersome and expensive.

For us, maintaining a small footprint is central to who we are, so conservation is at the heart of all our philosophy and practices. It’s built into our value proposition.

Consequently, we’ve always worked green – well before it was branded as such.

We’re Green

Digital Workflow

Our work flow is digital, using digital video, teleconferencing and online communications in all concept, preparation and review stages of content production.

We’re Green

Local Resources on the Team

We use local resources wherever we produce an event. We’ve spent years building relationships and orienting our local contacts to the style and quality of meeting that our clients require, minimizing the number of staff traveling to and housed on site.

We’re Green

Creative for Custom

We substitute creative for custom. Even when designers come up with ideas that look totally new, we’ve found that with a little creative engineering we can build them out of stock materials. Not only does this save money at the outset, it also makes it practical for most of the materials to be re-used.

We’re Green

Paperless Meetings

We go a step beyond eco-friendly printing to no printing by distributing meeting information on USB drives, displaying agendas on strategically placed plasma screens, disseminating pre-and post-meeting information via your web site and email links.

We’re Green

Interactive Technology

We maximize interactive technology.

We recently produced a complicated technology and media conference in Beijing. Because of the complex nature of the material, we were required to make changes and additions up until the very last minute. Working with a trusted partner we developed an interface and Apps to deliver meeting information through iPads.

The iPads also enabled us to creative an interactive meeting environment where meeting delegates could communicate, vote and receive information in real time.

Working digitally, the ongoing updates were continually input from our home office inthe United States, routed through our programmer in San Francisco, and delivered to Beijing, where they were implemented by our small crew of onsite artists and show operators. Not only did we save travel costs but we were able to work 24 hours a day utilizing the difference in time zones to our advantage.