More for Less

Sounds improbable, but that’s what we deliver: Global reach of the highest quality at consistently lower prices. How do we do that, you ask?

Simple: We redefined our model for profitability to fit the changing times.

The VisionPilots team had already been producing strategic events for over 20 years when things began to change. The market went global, offices went digital, the dollar cooled down, and the planet heated up.

Suddenly, clients weren’t willing to pay the mark-ups of the free-flowing 80’s and 90’s, while they still wanted the same quality products.

Welcome to the more for less economy! So to stay profitable, we knew we had to fundamentally change the way we did business.

Taking advantage of the full array of digital solutions, we eliminated infrastructure, streamlined processes, flattened our organization, and decided to focus, like a laser, on only a few key clients.

And after 15 years in business, we’re pleased to report our clients are happy, we’re happy… and the environment is happy. What could be better?